VGHSLogo Wendell Brixby
Real Name Wendell Brixby
Gamertag tacoboy14
Gender Male
Grade Freshman
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Brennan Murray
"Ki! You care about the students! That's why you'll make a great leader, but it's also why you'll lose Ki! You'll lose!"
— Wendell (Season 3, Episode 2)

Wendell Brixby is a student at VGHS. He was first introduced when Ki Swan stands up for him to The Law, and he was deferential to her authority as R.A. He later turned against her after discovering she was apparently keeping a cat in her dorm room, in violation of rule 35.

In Season 2 Episode 6, Wendell is revealed to be a Fighter at VGHS, playing under the gamertag 'tacoboy14'.He also is fond of eating when under pressure, as it helps him deal with the stress as revealed in Season 2, Episode 6. He also becomes Ki Swan's running mate for student body president

In Season 3, episode 2, he attempts to frame Shane for stealing the school's beloved cat to help Ki win the election. When Ki finds out she fires him, he is sentenced to three weeks in detention for his "crime".


Ki SwanEdit

Wendell proves himself to be completely loyal to Ki. He sees that she genuinely wants to help people and sees her potential as a good leader, willing to commit corruption to aid her cause.


The writers/directors say that Wendell was supposed to form a romantic relationship with Jumpin' Jax, but were unable to find a place in the overall story for their relationship.

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