Welcome to the policy page of the Video Game High School Wiki!

The Video Game High School Wiki possesses its own page dedicated to policies, used as the general peacekeeper of the wiki. Policies are made to keep users in line, should they get out of control, and admins/bureaucrats from abusing the system to gain in their own way.

The Warning System

If users are seen performing bad actions or have been reported (with some evidence), they will be issued warnings, which are all part of a system. After the first three warnings, the user will be temporarily banned based on how bad their actions were while ignoring the third and final warning. If they return with bad intentions after that, they will be permanently banned from the wiki.

For anonymous users, however, the warning system may be stricter, depending on the severity of the action(s). They will only receive one warning before a temporary ban under most circumstances, but can receive two or three in special situations.


These are the main policies utilized by the wiki.

Be Nice

Simple; be nice to one another. This will help the community grow as one.

No Spam/Vandalism/Trolling

The wiki was already half-filled with all of this when it first started out. We don't want that to happen again if we're to make the wiki grow and get larger.

Assume Good Faith

This goes with the no vandalism, as stated above. When editing pages, please edit in good faith; put any information if you have it and it will be added if it is deemed credible and please don't mess things up for fun.

No Advertising

The title refers to no advertising any other sites on the Internet not involved with Wikia. It is okay if other wikis are advertised, through blogs, though.

No Shipping

For the sake of saving the community from splitting, there shall be no shipping on the wiki. As much as we would like to see other characters of the series with other people, there cannot be any shipping.

Note: Shipping is only permitted in the Fanon-related articles of the wiki, but the rules of keeping it from causing chaos still apply.

What is Shipping?

Shipping is basically the possibility of two characters of a series to have intimate feelings for each other, while in the canon series they do not, thus forming a relationship. Shipping is based on the person's feelings on how the series should have went in terms of relationships.

The word itself is derived from relationship.

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