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Welcome to the fanon portal of the Video Game High School Wiki! This is the main page for all things fanon on the wiki.

Getting Started


Note: All users new to the fanon portal of the Video Game High School must read the rules. Most of the rules are simple to follow. If you are caught breaking the rules and use the excuse of saying you didn't know, you will still be penalized.

  • To denote Fanon articles and categories, please put Fanon: before your article's title as well as your categories!
  • As this is fanon, shipping is allowed, but be warned that anyone who starts a shipping war will be penalized for disrupting the wiki.
  • Be respectful to other fanfictions by other users.
  • If you want to include a creation by someone else in your fanfiction, ask permission before using it!
  • Don't include anything too inappropriate in your fanfictions.

Fanon or Fanfiction?

It doesn't matter whether or not you use the term "Fanon" or "Fanfiction," as both refer to the same general thing.


Just make sure that categories on fanon pages do not lurk onto canon pages! The base categories you MUST have are "Category:Your Name" and "Category:Fanon"!

Fanon Directory

These are all the current fanons on the wiki.

All finished fanons can be found here:

  • None so far