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Video Game High School
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744 Evergreen Terrace,
Seattle Washington, USA


"Dominare, Certa, Perfice"


Sgt. Ernie Calhoun

"You will not study physics; you will study physics engines. You will not study art; you will study the art of war! You will learn about biology by bathing in the blood of your enemies. Sound good? Well welcome to VGHS. "
— Acceptance video to VGHS by Sgt. Ernie Calhoun

Video Game High School is a prestigious and awarded academy for the best gamers in the nation. Sgt. Ernie Calhoun is the principal of the school and enlists many of the students. Those selected are given the choice of joining and perfecting their skills on the game genre of their choice, with FPS being the most popular sport that overshadows all others.


Video Game High School is the name of the academy at which most of the action takes place in the series. Its campus includes dorms, classrooms, a cafeteria, the Principal's Office and a Battle Arena, where the Varsity battles are fought. Though being a high school, VGHS features many university/college-like elements, such as School Divisions (e.g. School of Arms & Marksmanship), classes numbered according to level of knowledge (e.g. FPS 101).


The school's motto is "Dominare, Certa, Perfice" which are three Latin verbs meaning "Dominate, Strive, Perfect".


The school's crest contains a few different symbols of video games. It contains crosshairs representing a large focus on FPS and a trophy to represent the prestige of the school. It also shows tetris pieces and a fireball which could represent the puzzle gaming community and fighting gaming respectively. The trophy and fireball are depicted in an 8-bit style and the entire crest is blue and yellow. The crest can be seen throughout the school on posters, shirts, etc.

Colors and Mascot

The school colors of VGHS are blue and yellow. The school’s mascot is Brian pet Cheeto.


VGHS has a high bar of acceptance. Utmost proficiency at a particular game or scholarships (like the Golden Gun Grant) can warrant acceptance into the school. The students at VGHS are typically high school age (14-18).



The living arrangements at VGHS consist of different floors. The frag floor is highlighted the most in Video Game High School. Students can also have their own personal spaces like Shane Pizza, although his living situation was made to highlight his enormous wealth.


The classrooms of VGHS vary wildly. The FPS classroom, which also serves as the practice room for the FPS team, is a typical classroom with desks and chairs. The RTS classroom is set up like an auditorium, so that the students can observe a game being played. The drifting classroom is decorated like a kindergarten classroom, with bright decorations and small chairs.


The cafeteria serves normal food, but is unusually wasteful, as a lunch lady throws away uneaten apples that Brian can't afford to get. But in Season 3 Episode 6, after Napalm took over the school, the food quality went down significantly. All the VGHS students have is weird green sludge with bottled water. Even the bowls and cutlery are disposable. While Shane and Ashley eats lavishly.


Not many offices are shown besides the office of Dean Calhoun.

Grand Theft Auditorium

The main arena where competitions are held is in Grand Theft Auditorium. All FPS games at VGHS are held here. Students from both teams usually pack the stands on either side.

The Quad

The quad is an area where students can study, play, eat, etc. The flagpole where Brian's lanyard was hung and where the new varsity FPS members are taped on is located in the quad. The fight between Brian and the Law took place in the quad. Shane Pizza's pancake bruncheon, as well as the class president debate was held in the quad.


There are other parts of the campus that are shown. The staff break room is where the sodas are kept and where Brian cooked his L33tmas turkey. The hallways of VGHS are used for different things like the L33tmas egg race.


Dean Calhoun

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Freddie Wong

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Mary Matrix

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Schools of VGHS

Video Game High School is subdivided in Schools based on game genres.

VGHS Schools

Classes & Activities

School of Arms & Marksmanship FPS 101, Varsity Training, Junior-Varsity Training
School of Speed & Control Drift Racing, Kart Racing
School of Adventure & Discovery M.M.O. Guild
School of Force & Finesse Fighting Class
School of Tactics & Strategy Real Time Strategy
School of Immersion & Simulation Simulator Games

The school curriculum also includes more general education classes that don't fit into these schools, like Gaming History, a class that Dean Calhoun claims he could never pass.

Filming Location

The VGHS Campus is filmed at CSUN (California State University of Northridge).


  • The address of the school, 744 Evergreen Terrace, is the same as the Flanders family in the series The Simpsons