This is a list of classes at Video Game High School.

Drift RacingEdit

Drift Racing
is a class in VGHS. The Drift King is provided as the captain or lead teaching assistant for the OverDrift class. The "Drifters" are those who endorse and participate in drift racing. They have a prominent appearance in Season 1, episode 4, as well as Season 2, episode 2.

Ki Swan in Season 1 signs Ted Wong up for Drift Racing, thinking she had done the right thing. Ted felt betrayed by Ki because he wanted to try and make his dad proud by signing up for Rhythm Gaming. Eventually, he made the team at tryouts and he even became better friends with DK.

FPS 101Edit

Main article: FPS 101

Racing (Grip)Edit

Racing (Grip) is a class in VGHS. The teacher is unknown, but the game utilized by the class is OverDrift; the team used to represent the class overall is known as Drift Racing. It is unknown why there is (Grip) in the name, although it could mean there are different forms of racing taught at the school. In terms of racing, however, Grip refers to a regular race without drifting, as a drift race would be known as Drift.

Rhythm MethodEdit


Ted, Brian and Ki, Episode 5

Rhythm Method
, also known as Rhythm Gaming or Rhythm in Gaming, is a class taught at VGHS by Freddie Wong. As the name suggests, it has to do with music-related video games, such as Axe Legends (although it doesn't include DXM). It is taught in Room 102a.

Ted Wong was Freddie Wong's TA (most likely meaning Teacher's Assistant) during Episode 5. It is unknown if Ted was chosen to be the TA because Freddie Wong is his father.

In VGHS - Episode 9, Ki attends and excels at the Rhythm Method Trial, something that Freddie Wong admits to his son adding she is far better than him. 

Fighting ClassEdit

Unknown fighting game

The unnamed virtual reality fighting game as seen in Episode 2.

There is an untitled Fighting Class featured in Video Game High School. It is only shown in Episode 6, the next day after BrianD gets brutally beaten at the FPS scrimmage.

The unknown fighting class utilizes a fighting game (possibly known as Laceration 4, as mentioned in S2E6) seen through out the series and is taught by an unnamed teacher.

In Season 2, Episode 6, Ki plays a variation of the game, called Laceration 4, against a competitive fighter champion, Ronin. Ronin temporarily believes that Ki is the tacoboy14, a gamer against whom Ronin holds a grudge. Ki ends up defeating her in an intense fighting match. While it may be a different game, it has similar mechanics to the one shown throughout the series.


Yoga is a class taught at Video Game High School. It is only mentioned in Episode 6, by Ted Wong and Ki Swan, when Ted needed an excuse to escape Drift King from talking to him about Drift Racing.

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