Hello there, it's EternalBlaze again, and here's an update on the Wiki.

About inactivity

As all of you (or I should hope) are aware, it is that time of year when schooling starts. Regardless of what grade or school, it is the general range of days in which school start re-opening their doors.

I don't know about everyone else, I will not be as active due to school and I'll be working on things like that (in real life). As for Wikia, I'll be around, but as there is a "situation" going on in another wiki I edit on, I will probably be spending more time there for the time being. I'll attempt to gather some time for here, but I can't guarantee that I'll be as active as I was in the Summer.

An idea

So, I've been thinking... What if we had a fanon portal in our wiki? I've always had an idea of my own character in VGHS, but I haven't found any place to put it (I can't waste notebooks writing stories anymore, since school has come up xD). But it would be fun too, not just for work. It could be the place on the wiki where users express their VGHS-related ideas and creativity.

I got the idea from my own VGHS-story idea and the fact that the Avatar Wiki has their own cool little fanon portal (that's surprisingly organized).

Just a thought... what do you guys think?


I finally got the MediaWiki page to work ;P

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