For the sake of the ever-changing wiki, I will try and do a weekly update on what is happening here on every Monday (although it's Tuesday where I am now because I hadn't thought of it until today).

But nevertheless, I'll try and have an update every Monday so everyone is in check and fully aware of anything that happens on the wiki. If there isn't anything to update, well there isn't anything to update and I'll just be making a random blog :D

Fanon Portal

Hooray! Due to the encouragement of two users, the wiki now has a Fanon Portal, where you can write whatever your heart desires! (so long as its VGHS)

Calling all FanFiction Writers!

Just a side note, since we now have a fanon portal, we should probably establish who is good at creating fanfictions and all that good stuff. I have experience with creating them, especially since I write all the time and edit on other Fanon-related wikis. If you're decently experienced, please tell me and I'll refer to your name on the Fanon portal for a list of good users to talk to for help on creating fanons.

Although we don't have any current Fanons now, we could possibly have a monthly featured Fanon article (since you can create articles for Fanon characters and games as well) voted by all those who visit the home page xD

Weekly Quote

"It's all about the game."
Sgt. Calhoun
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