So as we get closer to the premiere of Season 2 of VGHS (sometime later this year), small things like behind the scenes are slowly being revealed (nothing major though, so don't get to excited).

This is mainly just a heads up, but if you haven't found out already, Jimmy Wong (plays Ted Wong) posts behind the scenes videos of the VGHS set on his vlog channel, Jimmy2, which is a great source to follow if you're really into VGHS and you want to be constantly updated with information and behind the scenes. In addition to this, he sometimes posts links and statuses about VGHS on his Facebook.

As for information, there are some small things to pick up on from the vlogs Jimmy posts, like small information. If you wanted to, you could try and get some pictures!

That's pretty much it, but stay updated with VGHS information!

On a side note

My schedule is starting to open up a bit more and I may or may not return to editing somewhat regularly on the wiki. However, with February vacation around the corner, I'll most likely pop up at least once or twice.

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