Okay, here are a few things the wiki has to go over for the sake of being neat or whatever:

  • Eladkse and I have gone over how we're going to name character pages. Since the creators weren't really accurate in reinstating the same spelling of certain characters' names (ex. Brian D/BrianD), so we are still currently unsure of what to do, although Eladske could have resolved the problem.
  • As for the "relationships" part of a character page, it was originally supposed to be only for love interests and such, but if anyone else wants to, we can just make it for general relationships the characters have with others.
  • When uploading character pictures, or pictures in which a character is included, make sure they are looking at least decent. For example, pictures with the character having their eyes half closed isn't really what someone would call professional. This is me being picky, but wiki viewers will definitely reflect on us as an editing community. Also, higher quality pictures would be nice as well, so users can see the pictures clearly and they look nicer that way.
    • If you get pictures from videos (copy+paste current window, then crop) like me, a good tip would be to have the video at the highest quality to the point where it's still playable (ex. I can go up to 720p most of the time, and even 1080p if I'm lucky) and then copy+paste the current screen.
  • We should avoid any and all speculation if the wiki is to look somewhat professional.
  • Remember: Any questions should be directed to... well, anyone with experience I guess. That would be Eladkse (although he's not here as much as me) or me; reporting to the wiki's founder would be helpful as well.
  • Also Remember: Make sure you check your edits once or twice before pressing the Save Page button.

If you haven't read the To-Do List, it can be found here.

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