"Calhoun always wins. Acceptable."
— Calhoun approving of the game in Episode 2.

Ki's Calhoun vs Brian D mini-game as seen in Episode 2.

The Unnamed Brian D vs Calhoun minigame is the first (mini)game developed by Ki that is seen in the series, created in Episode 2 in Calhoun's office upon enrolling at VGHS while he was explaining the school policies to her and Brian.


The game is an 16 bit game reminiscent of Street Fighter, however the game is designed for all of Calhoun's moves to drain Brian's life and energy while all of Brian's prove to be ineffective—indicative of Calhoun always winning—which he approved of. The game was apparently inspired by Calhoun's imposing figure. As it was developed quickly in Calhoun's office, the game is rather simple. It is a 1v1 fight match between Brian D and Calhoun. The outcome is always the same, which is Calhoun somehow completely obliterating Brian D in the fighting match and winning.