"People underestimate The Pit because your targets are made of paper. But trust me. When you know The Pit... you know yourself."
— Jenny to Ace's FPS 101 class in Episode 3 as she makes her way through The Pit

The Pit is a basic map in Field of Fire, a course designed to hone a player's speed accuracy and reaction time. It is first and only seen in Episode 3 during Ace's FPS 101 class, with Jenny Matrix and Brian D attempting the course respectively, though it is referenced in Episode 4. The Pit is the only map seen in Field of Fire not designed for combat, making it so far unique. It is a possible reference to the obstacle course in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with the same name.



Jenny Matrix making her way through The Pit.

The main objective is to destroy the 9 paper targets scattered throughout the course as fast as possible without making any mistakes. There are no respawns, so if a player is killed (as Brian D was) then their run immediately ends. Upon entering The Pit players are presented with a wide array of weapons they can choose to utilize during their run, both firearms and non-firearms alike. Jenny Matrix currently holds the school-wide course record, completing the course in 0:26.433 seconds, followed by two other players named SPEEDRNR (0:36.113) and xXxUBRNINJAxXx (0:38.553) respectively.
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