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Overview Edit

Season 3 begins with the show "America's Next Top President". The last two contestants walk up to the ceremony. The last two candidates are Senator Marshal and Tony Hawk. Right before the host reveals who the winner is, there is an off screen shout saying "The President of the United States of America!", and the previously missing president is shown with tattered clothes. Everyone of course is very surprised that he is safe. He says that his is safe but America is not. He takes the nuclear launch codes and Tony's skateboard. He then talks closely to the camera and is about to say something important until it is interrupted by a PwnZone Frag Alert. Scott Slanders is shown and reports that there is an "epic killstreak in progress!". The kill streak is shown. It is later revealed in the video that it is Brian D. He is helped up by Jumping Jax. Jenny is shown and says that there are "20 seconds to cap!". It then shows that they won the game against their opponent. It transitions to MMNN with Conan making a cameo and many other news channels.

Law is sitting in a rundown house drinking tea and reading the newspaper. He sees that there are enemies outside and gets up. The enemies throw a grenade in the house. They then see a shadow of Law standing on the level above them holding his guns down. Law then fires multiple rounds through the ground, killing some of the enemies. He does a front-flip onto the ground and shoots the last two guys behind his back. Ashley Barnstormer enters. Law tells him that he is "sampling the local cuisine". Ashley says that they were too, showing the others with prostitutes. Law yells out "Prostitutes!" Law and Ashley then lock in a handshake. Ashley offers to get another cap and Law agrees. They lock in another handshake.

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