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Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate May 17, 2012
Length 12:58
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Episode 2, subtitled Welcome to Me, is the second episode of Video Game High School to air in the series.


Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!

As Brian D enters VGHS, it shows multiple students gaming, no matter how or what game they are playing. Students are seen playing a fighting game, Field of Fire, and other unknown games. It then shows Brian D in the principal's office, who is explaining to Brian D what the school is all about. In the office with Brian D is Ki Swan, who created a game of the principal and Brian D in a fight, where the latter loses.

Ki Swan and Brian D get a welcome buddy, who turns out to be Jenny Matrix, one of the school's best Field of Fire players. Jenny Matrix gives the two a "tour" of the school, in which she merely leads them straight to Brian's dormitory and leaves the two behind.

After Ki Swan states she is still unclear of where her room is, Annihilist, Jumpin' Jax, and Ted Wong appear out of Brian D's dorm. Annihilist and his friend appear to be bullying Ted; Brian D tells them to stop. The two then proceed to mock his equipment. Brian D attempts to stand up for himself, while Ted immediately declares Brian D his new best friend. Because of this fight, Ted gets Brian D in to a battle against Annihilist. During the fight, Brian's hardware gets stuck, causing his pistol to constantly fire. Brian uses this to his advantage to force Annihilist out of cover, allowing him to finish him off with a thrown Tomahawk. As a result of this loss, Annihilist's rank drops down below zero, resulting in him being instantly expelled. Because Annihilist was supposed to be Brian D's roomate, Ted replaces him.

Cleaning his keyboard later, Brian contemplates disposing of his old gear and using his newly-provided gear instead. He goes to the dumpster, but hesitates, just as The Law arrives. At first, The Law seems empathetic towards Brian, but soon becomes hostile, breaking Brian D's equipment.

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