VGHSLogo.png Season 1, Episode 1
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate May 10, 2012 (RocketJump)
May 17, 2012 (Youtube)
Length 10:52
Previous Series Start
Next Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 1, subtitled Shot Heard Round the World, is the first episode in Video Game High School to air in the series and has subtitles enabled via Youtube one week later along with Episode 2. In this controversial episode, The Law shoots dead a civilian in the middle of the street.


The episode opens with Brian D's team, in the game "Field of Fire". They are participating in an online clan match, but Brian is late. The team starts off on top of a building, where they take on the enemies ahead. However, the enemy blocks the exit, preventing them from escaping. It then cuts to Brian on his bike pedaling fast toward his house. He is stopped by K-Pop, who delays him even further when he steals some Real-Time Strategy resources. The episode then cuts to a live television show called "In Real Life" (IRL) with an introduction of The Law. The episode cuts back to Brian, as he rushes into his house and saves his team.

In IRL, The Law explains the meaning of a "pubstomp": when a pro enters a random server and easily defeats all his foes. Back to the game, the gang drops down and walks a little before Brian is forced away from his computer to take his cat out. Back to the show, The Law is in progress to find a server to join, and finds the one Brian and his gang are in. Upon the Law's entrance as the sole member of one team, all the other players are then placed into the opposing team. The Law then proceeds to kill them with ease, until he discovers the still-AFK Brian. He places a grenade on top of Brian's head and walks away, aiming for the grenade. When Brian returns, The Law is mere seconds away from firing; he quickly butts the grenade back towards The Law with his rifle. The Law, smugly looking away from his assumed kill, doesn't realize his imminent danger as he fires his pistol. Brian narrowly dodges the incoming bullet, and responds with a rifle-burst at the grenade. The grenade detonates, explosively incinerating the Law's in-game persona. Cut to reality, and the Law is left speechless and embarrassed. 

Brian is congratulated by everyone on the server, who proceed to dub him the "Law-killer". News of The Law's live defeat is spread worldwide, and Brian is invited to attend VGHS, the most intense pro-gaming academy in America.


  • The studio used for "IRL" is a studio called "What's Trending" in Youtube, hosted by Shira Lazar.
  • The two people that stopped Brian D in the beginning of the episode were Philip Wang and Wesley Chan, who run Wong-Fu Productions on Youtube.
  • Director, Matt Arnold makes a cameo in this episode as a news person.

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