Ronin is a character that appears in the Season 2 finale. She is a fighter, and she appears to fight using a similar gaming technology to what the RTS'ers use. She has reportedly logged 30,000 hours in Total Laceration, the main fighting game of the series.

Season 2Edit

When Ronin first appears at the VGHS Bruncheon, she is pursuing a fighter she contended with earlier. Having been accused of cheating, Ronin wants to exact vengeance upon "TacoBoy14". Ki, who is helping with the Bruncheon, is told by Wendell that he is TacoBoy14. Wendell begs Ki to help, claiming he's "not good with confrontation". Ki tells Ronin she is TacoBoy14 and Ronin decides to eat first. While eating, Ronin questions Ki, realising she is not TacoBoy14. Ronin asks why she quit the pub circuit, questioning whether she got "bored" of the game. They make an agreement: if Ronin beats Ki at Total Laceration, Ki has to tell her who TacoBoy14 is. If Ki wins, however, Ronin will leave without argument. Ki questions why they should fight, with Ronin saying "it's the reason why I get out of bed in the morning" and making Ki wonder why she does the same. They compete, with Ronin using more complex gaming technology compared to Ki's arcade stick. They both win a round each, and bring the game to a tiebreaker. When Ki realises the main reason she "gets out of bed in the morning" is to help others, she makes a comeback and defeats Ronin, who expresses anger and storms off.

After Ki announces her candidacy for student body president, in competition with Shane, she sees Ronin in the distance, who bows her head in respect and Ki returns the gesture.


Not much is known of Ronin. Her personality seems to be rather aggressive, and forward, and her main point in life is to keep playing fighting games. 

She seems to show a respect for Ki after fighting her.

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