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Ted Wong (right) takes on Drift King (left) in Episode 4.

OverDrift, is the principle game of drift race gaming, a sub-genre of racing gaming, and the game of choice of both Drift King and Ted Wong. OverDrift can be signed up for at clan tryouts like all other games and is related to an unnamed and unseen class at VGHS.

Though referenced several times and significant to Ted's plot in Season 1, OverDrift is only seen once.


OverDrift and drift racing in general employ a technique called drifting, in which the driver purposely oversteers their car, causing traction to be lost in the rear wheels, while maintaining control of it in the duration of a corner.

In OverDrift, players must challenge each other in a race to the finish line whilst making drifts around windy corners.


  • Desert Track
  • Forest Track
  • Mountain Track
  • City (Night)


  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Ford Focus
  • Dodge Dart
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Scion FR-S
  • Mini Clubman
  • Mazda 6 (2002)
  • Toyota GT

Ford F150

Episode 4Edit


Ted (left) races DK (right) in order to retrieve Ki's game in Episode 4.

When DK's followers confiscate Ki's game, DK uses the opportunity to extort a race out of Ted, promising to return Ki's game afterwards, presumably regardless of the outcome. Ted accepts DK's challenge and the two face off. During the race DK initally leads Ted, however half-way through the race Ted finds his drive and takes advantage of a poor turn by DK and obtains the lead. Ted becomes entranced as he is immersed in the exhileration and DK ends up taking the lead over Ted towards the end and wins the race.

Drift FeverEdit

Main article: Drift Fever

Exposure to OverDrift (and presumably drift racing in general), in addition to extreme repression of exhileration experienced from in, is known to cause Drift Fever, a "sickness" afflicting those with (presumably) deep-seated and repressed desires to "drift". The only known side-effects of the "sickness" are spontaneous inducements into trances and hallucinations.

Ted Wong is the only character seen to experience Drift Fever, the symptoms of which begin to manifest themselves at the end of Episode 4, after Ted races against DK. Drift King's familiarity of the sickness however suggests he's perhaps witnessed it before, if not experienced it.


  • According to VGHS writer/creator Will Campos, the game is based off of a video with the same name made by the Duncan Brothers in 2007