Napalm Energy Drink Corporation is a company that sells and produces their energy drink named "Napalm Energy Drink". The current CEO is Ashley Barnstormer, but the company is run by both Ashley and Shane Barnstormer. The company was created / bought out sometime before Season 1, by the Barnstormer Brother's mom.

The company participates in FPS Championships and Playoffs through their high school, Napalm Energy Drink High School and FPS team.

The corporations color theme is neon green, which is also their product color.

Overview Edit

Napalm was either founded or bought out by the mother of Shane & Ashley, and given to them to run the company. Mrs. Barnstormer promised if the share price of Napalm increased to $400 a share, she would purchase Video Game High School for the two.

Shane and Ashley ran the company extremely successfully, with the share price peaking at $370 before dropping, due to the competition of Jock Juice. Shane & Ashley decided to get rid of Jock Juice by framing The Law, who was a large promoter of Jock Juice, of cheating accusations. The Law was found guilty, and Jock Juice was declared bankrupted on account of this.

During this, Shane enrolled in VGHS under the false name "Shane Pizza" and worked his way up to Head R.A, captain of the Real-Time Strategy team, and eventually Student-Body President.

Dean Calhoun was surprised when Shane reveled himself to be Shane Barnstormer, and when Ashley announced Napalm had reached a share price of $400.

Season 2 Edit

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.07.09 PM

A Napalm Energy Drink can. Season 2, Episode 1

Any reference of the energy drink, school, or corporation itself is first seen in Season 2, Episode 1 briefly when Brian Doheny thinks about his messy dorm when Jenny Matrix tell's him she will see him there.

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