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Mrs. Doheny
Real Name Mrs. Doheny
Gender Female
Portrayed by Voiced by Lissette Schuster

Mrs. Doheny is the widowed mother of Brian Doheny, or more commonly known as Brian D, the main protagonist of Video Game High School. She is only seen in Episode 1, but not completely shown; it is shown that she plays MMORPG/fantasy games. Brian mentions that she is an addict.

In Season 2, Episode 4, Brian receives a "telegram" from his mother and receives his cat, Cheeto, and a note from his mom saying "Brian -Mom."

In Season 3, Episode 6, Mrs. Doheny is seen playing her MMORPG/fantasy game when Brian comes home from work. It is mentioned that she is a high-level mage.


  • The voice for Mrs. Doheny, Lissette Schuster, does another role in the series as well.
  • When playing the part in which Mrs. Doheny speaks, the voice actor wasn't the person wearing the football helmet (that Mrs. Doheny wears); it was actually someone else.