VGHSLogo.png Moriarty
Real Name Allison Michaels
Gamertag Moriarty
Gender Female
Occupation Student at VGHS

Plays for the JV FPS team at VGHS

Portrayed by Nicole Wyland

Allison Michaels who goes by the gamer tag of "Moriarty" is a student of VGHS who is a member of the Junior Varisity FPS team.


Season 1

First appears in episode 5 in the Rhythm Method class, in room 102a, where she hopes Brian beats The Law because of a bet she has. In the scrimage she is once taken out by a headshot coming from outside the frame.

In the VGHS - FPS Clan Tryouts in episode 9, she plays in match 8 on the blue side. Before the start of the match she says, to BrianD: "Yeah, you're expelled, you have no chance of making JV." She is playing the match as a Sniper, accompanied by Jumpin'Jax. After The Law enters the game, she says, while backing of: "Wait, the Law?" signing she is afraid of him. After the blue team has won the tryouts match she stands for herself and claps, not talking to anyone.

Season 2

Moriartys first appearence in season 2 is in the first episode, when she, Games Dean, Rapwnzel and Jumpin' Jax splits a candy. She gets one of the smaller parts and is a little sad about it. She appears in the crowd when The Law is on his Pre-Trial press conference. She stands there, whispering to Rapwnzel. A little later she appears in the FPS room, when Mary Matrix holds her introduction speech. She looks down into the ground when Mary tells them she doesn't care about JV.

In the battle against Cyberdwarfs she, weirdly, does not appear in neither the first or the second round. This is weird because she is still sitting in the game arena. In the final round, she and Games Dean start by hiding behind a tree. When they get the command from Jenny to "Make some noise" they fistpound before they run out on both sides of the tree firing their guns randomly while screaming. They are then cut down by the enemy sitting outside the tent with an LMG. After they win she cups her hands in front of her mouth before turning towards Games Dean, who himself is standing with open arms. In the next shot however they do not hug.

Season 3

In Season 3 Episode 2, Ki catches Games Dean, a fellow member of the FPS team with a letter expressing his feelings for Moriarty.

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Games Dean

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