VGHSLogo.png Mary Matrix
Real Name Mary Matrix
Gender Female
Occupation Captain of The Denver Commandos

Coach of FPS Junior Varsity Team

Portrayed by Cynthia Watros

Mary Matrix is Jenny Matrix's win-at-all-costs mother, former captain of the Denver Commandos, and the current coach of the VGHS Varsity team.


"So you lost your star player, big woop. You know what's better than having a star player? A star coach. That's me."
— Mary Matrix, at the first lesson of FPS 101.

Season 1

She is mentioned by Jenny, saying that she's the captain of The Denver Commandos, a professional FPS team.

Season 2

Mary Matrix appears in the first episode of Season 2. Matrix is made Captain of the VGHS Varsity Team upon Ernie Calhoun's request. She puts Brian D. on the Varsity team in order to anger the team enough to motivate them. After Law's sentence results in the Varsity team being stripped of their victories, Matrix attempts to resign, but a loophole found by Ki Swan allows the Junior Varsity to take their place. The team is victorious, and Matrix puts her daughter as the captain of Varsity.


As of Episode 3, Mary Matrix is a no-nonsense coach. In spite of this, she can be quite condescending and if not, feel superior to to others. This can be seen as (in Jenny's words) she just 'waltzed' back into Jenny's life while the older Matrix saying she could simply because she was her mother.


Jenny Matrix

Although they are family, they seem to not be close. This is implied during season 2, but not until Episode 3 where Jenny quickly becomes angered with her mother after being told to write a speech to represent her mother to win an award. Jenny has trouble with writing the speech, and although Mary wins the award, Jenny seems to be depressed.

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