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Jumpin' Jax
Real Name Randall Merryweather
Gamertag JumpinJax
Gender Male
School Video Game High School
School Rank 20/436
Occupation Student at VGHS
Junior Varsity FPS member
Portrayed by Joey Scoma
Randall Merryweather who goes by the gamer tag of "Jumpin' Jax" is a student at VGHS who is a member of the FPS Junior-Varsity team.


Season 1Edit

Jumpin' Jax is friends with Annihilist and he is part of Jenny's scrimage team. It is also noted that he has good skills with grenades, since he was asked by Jenny Matrix to put his grenade skills into action while they had a team meeting 30 minutes prior to the game.

Season 2Edit

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Season 3 Edit

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Jumpin' Jax has a rougher personality than most in the series. In most of the scenes he appears in, he is bullying someone else, hinting at his mean persona. He is also somewhat dim-witted, also typical of a bully-like persona. In Season 2 Episode 2 he is seen grabbing 4 Donuts at once during the FPS Practice session being supervised by Jenny Matrix implying that he likes food and is a 'Junky'. 

Gaming SkillsEdit

"We never address this, but it is constantly hilarious to me how huge of a liability Jumpin' Jax is for the team. I always wanted it to be like there's ONE obscure game mode that he's a total God at, and that's why the team keeps him around, but otherwise? Total liability."
Freddie Wong, Reddit

Jumpin' Jax supposedly a skilled gamer. His rank during Season 1 was 20th in the school. He participates frequently in the JV team's matches. However, he is often eliminated for stupid mistakes, particularly at high-stakes moments.


Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The writers/directors say that Jumpin' Jax and Wendell Brixby were supposed to form a romantic relationship at some point in the show, hoping for LGBTQ representation. However, they were unable to find a spot for it in the plot.
  • In the series finale commentary, the crew commented that when Jumpin' Jax and Clutch said "Screw sleep!" in unison, they ought to have turned that moment into the moment "Jax and Clutch found one another."
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