After a humiliating defeat on live television by little-known amatuer gamer Brian Doheny, who subsequently garnered international attention and entrance into the prestigous Video Game High School, FPS prodigy The Law vowed to destroy Brian and his newfound reputation, by any means necessary.

Season 1Edit

Chance MeetingEdit

"Law ready for this?"
— Law's catchphrase debut in Episode 1

Law, preparing to kill and humiliate an afk Brian D.

The Law was introduced in Episode 1, appearing on the live talk show In Real Life to showcase his skills in a "pubstomp"—choosing the server that Brian Doheny and clanmates were playing in, which reset their game. Law entered the match and systematically and effortlessly massacred players from both teams, who mostly attempt to flee in fear of the legendary gamer. Brian however, who was away from his keyboard and not present to witness the Law's domination, was spared for last. Law, who noticed that Brian must have been away from his keyboard, resolved to humiliate the nameless player. He placed a grenade on Brian's head, planning to detonate it with a bullet from a distance—without looking. Immediately before he pulled the trigger however, Brian returned to his keyboard just in time to instinctively slip the grenade off his head, swerve

Brian D kills The Law.

out of Law's line of fire, and knocking the grenade back at The Law with the butt of his rifle and detonating it on Law, killing him instantly in front of the entire world. Overcome with shock and humiliation, Law was forced to explain to the gaming-ignorant television hostesses that he was killed as knowledge of the event spread quickly across the world—garnering international attention—and subsequently catapulting Brian into the spotlight, who receives an invitation to join Law at the prestigous VGHS.

Clash of TitansEdit

"Don't you get it Brian? I am VGHS! Welcome, to me!"
— Law to Brian after busting his keyboard in Episode 2

The Law's jurisdiction of terror transcends even into dreams.

Once Brian enrolled at VGHS, The Law began his campaign to humiliate Brian and destroy his newfound reputation by any means necessary. By the end of Episode 2, Law had introduced himself officially to Brian, who was distraught over accidently getting a student expelled after defeating him in a match and contemplated leaving. Law initially gave Brian seemingly innocent and well-meaning advice, however revealed his true colors when he smashed the latter's keyboard and threw it in a nearby dumpster. He proclaimed to Brian that "[he] is VGHS" and sinisterly welcomes Brian to school, implying that they would clash again. This encounter made Brian very wary and fearful of Law, giving him nightmares and preventing him from even walking by him in the hallway.

The two next interacted with one another at a party at Jenny Matrix's home, although Law acted in front of his teammate as if he had never met Brian before. While Jenny and the FPS Varsity team were distracted by Brian's coconut cake (which Games Dean had acquired and claimed was made by him), Law attempted to bully Brian into a match, urging him to pick "any game in the house". When Brian refuses and told Law that he is "just [there] to party", Law cunningly puts Brian in the spotlight in front of Jenny (who Brian had developed a romantic interest in) and the entire party and faslely asserted that Brian had challenged him to a match. Brian's choice in the matter was taken away from him when Jenny endorsed the idea. Brian challenged Dance Ex Machina, revealing to everyone that Jenny has the game in her garage (which she had wanted to keep a secret), to which Law, after displaying some impressive dance moves, accepts. During their "duel", Law demonstrated tremendous skill while Brian struggled. Realizing he cannot win, Brian ignored the game and started dancing to the music, proving to be an exceptional dancer himself as well, which earned the party's and Jenny's approval. And though by the end of the  game Law had scored an A- rank and Brian—having stopped focusing on trying to win—scored a D, the party applauded Brian, forcing Law to uphold the facade that he and Brian are friends. Law "congratulates" Brian, telling him that "this is going to be more fun than [he] thought", refering to their continuing rivalry, implying that he is not through in his attempts to ruin Brian. At the end of the episode however, Law is revealed to be Jenny's boyfriend, much to Brian's dismay, and the two are seen dancing together moments later, which upset Brian.

JV/Varsity scrimmageEdit

"Cause while I love a well-earned victory burg', what'd I really love, more than anything, is to kill Brian D. He's going down in flames—in front of everyone. And when the smokes clears, there will be no doubt that he wasn't anything but a worthless, no talent fluke. With cheese."
— Law responding to both his Varsity teammates and a hidden Brian D in Episode 5

Law intimidating Brian D, and succeeding.

Only moments before the traditional scrimmage between JV and Varsity, Law and his teammates entered a locker-room that Brian was preparing in, which prompted him to cowardly hide in one of the empty lockers. When PiePuppy inquires as to why Jenny selected Brian on her team, Law revealed that Jenny was only "following orders" and that he had told her to put Brian on the team so that he could humiliate him during the match. When Law easily discovered Brian hiding in the locker, he did not reveal his location to his teammates. Instead, he took the opportunity to intimidate him by expressing his confidence to Brian (though made it appear as if he was addressing his Varsity teammates) that he will be humiliated and exposed as a "no talent fluke".

The Law, having humiliated and left him on the brink of expulsion, spares Brian D.

During the scrimmage, Brian, who was hurt by Jenny's betrayal and fed up being pushed around by Law, disobeyed Jenny's orders and defiantly ventured to defeat Law instead of covering Jenny. Believing that he had caught Law off-guard, Brian's attempt to kill Law backfired when Law dodged Brian's shot and caused Brian to accidentally commit friendly fire against Jenny. Law then proceeded to focus on Brian; effortlessly and repeatedly slaughtering him for the remainder of the match, employing various tricks and tactics as Brian's points plummeted dangerously low, threatening expulsion. By the end of the scrimmage, a humiliated and resigned Brian ws spared by Law, though left on the brink of expulsion. Varsity won the match and Law patronizingly pat Brian on the head before walking away, leaving demoralized Brian alone in the dark.

Clan sign-ups and ClimaxEdit

"Here's the deal Brian... I did you favor, by sparing your life, remember? So now your going to do me a favor, by not signing up."
— Law to Brian in Episode 7
The law

Law confronting Brian over his feelings for Jenny.

The Law and Brian's hatred for each other eventually climaxed at the VGHS clan signups, where Law prevented Brian from signing up for Field of Fire. When Brian refused to back down, Law swiped Brian's signup card from his hand and had it hoisted up the flag pole. Law then confrontd Brian about his feeling for Jenny, and though Brian denied any attraction between them, Law reveals to Brian that he has no intention of allowing Jenny to join Varsity (her only reason for doing his bidding in the first place); wanting the spotlight for himself. After Law physically shoved Brian, Brian attacked Law in fury; knocking him to the ground and punched him repeatedly, only to be physically dragged away by his friend Ted. A school-wide brawl eruped when Brian, Ted, and their allies attempted to fight their way to the flagpole to retrieve Brian's signup card (during which Law gets punched in his crotch by Brian). Brian eventually did retrieve his card and signed himself up for FPS tryouts, though was subsequently expelled for inciting the brawl. At some point afterwards, Jenny broke up with Law after Brian had revealed to her that Law never had intention of choosing her to play for FPS Varsity.

Clan Tryouts and DefeatEdit

"I'm not the bad guy here! You were nothin', a nobody... And then you met me, and the whole world gave you a shot... And you blew it; you proved you were nothing."
— The Law taunting Brian D in Episode 9

Law illegally enters the match mid-game to defeat Brian D.

In the Season 1 finale, Law is brought on as a special guest by the hosts of Pwnzwn their coverage of VGHS' FPS clan tryouts. When asked if he had any "pro-tips" for any of the contestants, Law gave advice reminiscent of the advice that he gave Brian in Episode 2, whom he referred to anonymously as a "promising young nooblet." Jenny's team was the final one to take to the computers, and was to play against the Law's Varsity team. Although Law was not permitted to play (as Varisty captain, he was not required to prove his worth), he reveled in what he saw to be the JV team's slim-to-none chances. Before the match started however, Brian returned to VGHS from exile, and gained Calhoun's approval to play, which infuriated Law. During the match, Law was forced to watch as his ex-girlfriend and arch-nemesis competed ferociously together against the Varsity team. Working

The Law gloats over Brian D's perceived failing.

together, the JV team quickly attained a solid 2-0 lead, and Brian slowly accumulated points, threatening to officially readmit him into VGHS, much to everyone's (minus Law's) satisfaction. Furious over the prospects of Brian being redeemed, Law illegally intervened in the match, kicking one of his own Varsity members off their computer. With a hellbent Law in the game, the tides quickly turned, and Varsity managed to tie the game 2-2, bringing the match to a sudden death. Brian called for a one-on-one confrontation with Law, and as he made his way towards Brian, he was confronted by Jenny, and Law promised her with a spot on his Varsity team as long as she stays out of his way and allows him to have his vengeance. Law confrontd Brian, who had been waiting for him with a grenade on his head, reminiscent to their first encounter.

Brian defeats Law along with the entire Varsity team.

Law joked about the fact that Jenny betrayed him and shot Brian in the shin before he can pull his gun out completely; disarming him. The JV team was quickly and systematically killed by Varsity, who subsequently came to Law's aid as Law delivered a grand speech to a stone-faced Brian, during which he claimed that he was never the "bad guy" and that it was only because of him that Brian had gotten to where he was. As Law provoked Brian into making a final (and presumably futile) attempt to kill him, Jenny came to Brian's aid, shooting one of the Varsity members and tossing her pistol to Brian, who then went on defeat the Varsity team and Law in one fell swoop. As a result of his epic upset victory, Brian acquired enough points to be readmitted into VGHS and was celebrated by his teammates and the crowd. Furious, Law stormed out of the room and was not seen again for the remainder of the episode.