The Heckler & Koch G36 is a German assault rifle featured in Video Game High School, being one of the primary assault rifles seen in Field of Fire and being utilized by Team Canada, other than the AK-47, which is utilized by Team Mexico.

All three variants of the G36 can be seen throughout VGHS:

  • G36: Full length G36 with an 18.9 inch barrel
  • G36K: A shorter carbine variant with a 12.5 inch barrel
  • G36C: The subcarbine variant of the G36 with a 9 inch barrel

The G36 used by various players usually has at least one or two attachment on it, rather than using it without any attachments. This is what makes The Law's stock G36C special to him, apart from the fact that only he uses one.

Brian D and The Law have custom variants of the G36. Brian D's G36K possesses a Knights Armament railed handguard (Probably a replica), a G36C top rail, an EoTech holosight (Probably an airsoft replica as well),an HK416-style sliding stock with an AR15 stock adapter, a MagPUL AFG (angled foregrip) and an AR15 magwell adapter to allow the use of STANAG magazines instead of the proprietary magazine of the G36. The Law can be seen using different variants throughout the series. He can be seen with a plain G36C, as it is unique to him, or he can be seen with a G36C with a custom optic scope and/or foregrip.