VGHSLogo Freddie Wong (character)
Dead36.59 PM
Real Name Freddie Wong
Gender Male
Occupation Rhythm Gaming Teacher (Formerly)


Portrayed by Freddie Wong
Freddie Wong was Ted Wong's father and a teacher of Rhythm Method at VGHS. His first appearance in the series is in Episode 5. He has a grudge with Ki Swan throughout the first season. It is unknown if he believes that Ted has the rocker blood in him, although it seems that he doesn't, but wants to because Ted is also a Wong.

Because Ki switched her ID card with Ted's in Episode 7, causing him to sign up for Drift Racing (and not for Rhythm Gaming) and her for Rhythm Gaming, Freddie Wong hates his son, saying that "he never wants to see his [Ted's] face again." At the end of Episode 9, it is shown that Freddie has taken a liking to Ki and her guitar skills and that Ted could learn a thing or two from her.

In Season 3, Episode 4, he was unfortunately pronounced dead from a motorcycle crash without wearing a helmet, as seen in the beginning of the episode (but the intro didn't show the crash), devastating Ted and his friends as well. In his will, he gave his guitars and pretty much everything else to Nikki Sixx, who he had never met, but thought they'd be pretty good friends if they had. Freddie also says he would give his dirt bike to his ex-wife, but she already took it from him, along with everything else.


"'Sup losers. Or should I say heroes? Nope, all losers; that's alright, that's why you took this class, to learn from the best; me, Freddie Wong, hero. First rule of heroism, Give people what they want. See, when you're a hero, people wanna beat you; they wanna do you. They wanna do you while they beat you. Be careful, because if you don't give the people what they want, then they'll divorce you, they'll take your sweet dirt bike, and they'll leave you with a no-good loser for a son."
— Freddie Wong's introduction upon entering class.

Not much about Freddie Wong's history is known, although it is inferred that he gives clues as to what his life before VGHS was like in Episode 5 while Brian D, Ki, and Ted are in his class, Rhythm Method.

Like the quote suggests, Freddie Wong was most likely married to Hong Kong Pop Sensation Li Hong Chen and had kids with her; when they divorced, his spouse left, leaving Freddie with Ted, who turned out to be a loser (although this may be because Ted cannot play guitar).

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