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|gamertag = The Game
|gender = Male|grade = Junior
|school rank = 1st
|occupation = Student at [[DNA]]
Captain of [[Team Efficacious Occupation]]
Head of [[Aimbot Association]]
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|name = Greg Liaster}}
''"The Game is on!" ''— The Game
'''The Game''' (simply known as '''Game''') and by his secret real name '''Greg Liaster''', is the head of the [[Aimbot Association]] and FPS captain of [[Team Efficacious Occupation]]. He is the top student at [[DNA]] (Delta National Academy). Game is known to have given [[The Law]] the aimbot hack that got him sent to court and found guilty for aimbotting, only doing this to make his plans work out.
After [ The Law] was defeated by [ Brian D], he was stepped down from his rank and others were in line to take his title of the world's #1 amateur gamer. The Game was next in line to take the place and truly, not being a hacker, was able to take control of the FPS pro league.
Game's personality is very harsh. He is always finding a way to win at anything and even sends others to win for him, whilst still claiming the win for himself. Aiming to be the best in the world, he sends others to do his dirty work. He also gives people hacks, and doesn't try to hide it. Game is greedy and does not care for anybody except himself. When gaming, he is very ruthless and destroys everything in his path like cars or buildings and even his own teammates. He is a master at tricking the human mind to bend and do his work without doing anything. An example would be trying to make them see a bad side of life and go against there rivals or enemies. Game is wise and quiet and only says things to make people feel less then him. But he clams that his quiet is not really him, saying it's his new life compare to his old life with his [ father] while being a happy child.
When with the Aimbot Association, Game is determined to gain the pro league of gaming and the gaming world. He believes that since gaming is a big thing now to the world that taking control of the pro league you'll be able to take control of lots of more things and would gain lots of money out of it. 
It's unknown of Game and his fathers relationship only knowning that Game hates his father for not paying attention to him and being a real father that he really is.
===The Law===
"''Look at yourself. Take a good look. Because the person you are is just a puppet to a pawn in a board game which I control."''
— The Game to [[The Law]]
Game has a long history with Law. Finding a person which could use a new type of hack he made, Game kept an eye on Law ever since Brian D. defeated him at the VGHS tryouts. Soon Law found out who was framing him, The Game, and a rivalry began between them. Seeing that Law has a huge hatred for Game because of many reasons, one due to having similar names, The Law and The Game (Game had the name first). Game is truly the best in gaming in the world (being the top player) and Law being used as a project for hacking.
===Brian D===
''"The world is nothing. All the truth together in the world is one big lie."''
— The Game to [[Brian D]]
Since Law's fall from grace, Game knew that [[Brian D]] was a big threat to his company and plains.
===Jenny Matrix===
:"''Ha! Your team is nothing and is just made of n00bs with dreams that don't really exist. Sorry "Captain" you think this can help...a smile then you must be lost"''
:— The Game to [[Jenny Matrix]]
Game and Jenny don't really have much things to say but both know to stay out of each others ways. When seeing Jenny, Game usually makes fun of her team or mom to try to make her feel less of herself and have more control.
==Gaming Skills==
Game is known to be a hardcore gamer and his skills in the gaming world are very strong. He shows very high skill in all genres of gaming especially FPS.
==In Gaming==
It's clear that Game plays only [[Field of Fire]]. When in Field of Fire, Game wears a american army uniform and his weapons is a golden AK-46 for is primary and two golden IMI Desert Eagle with the name "The Game" carved on both for his secondary. He is also seen to use two grenades and a golden diamond combat knife.
*''"Game On!"''
*''"You don't get you? I created The Law. With out me theres no Law. I'm truly The LAW!"''
*''"Your just a noob no sorry your lower then a noob...your nothing!"''
*''"I'm The GAME, this is my world, my game, my year and nobody will take it away from ME!"''
*''"Welcome to THE GAME!"''
*''"It's all about the GAME...oh wait thats ME!"''
*They only mention Games real name "Greg Liaster" three times and nobody knowns about his real name except BrianD, Jenny Matrix and The Law plus his father Billy Liaster.
*One of the companies he bought was [ Razer] which is a real gaming team.

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