Field of fire 2.0 is a fanfiction series Created by Didofan3.

V.G.H.S. One of the hardest pro gaming schools in the world. Now Four years after the legends Brian D and Jenny Matrix graduate. The school went under a digital upgrade. That makes the whole campus (Except for the lunch and dorm rooms) a playing ground for the new Virtual reality based sequel of Field of Fire Called Field of Fire 2.0 . Now with this upgrade all FPS students have to watch their backs. Exspecially with the hot headed #1 player Matt Calhoun (Son of the Dean) running around.


  • Jason Pine - "Gamertag: JThePineCone" Jason is a sixteen year old that works at Brian's as the system engineer for the game Field of Fire 2.0 . He also holds the high score for the game, at the arcade. One day a few costumers beg him to play with them in a match. While playing he meets Travis who helps him get in to VGHS.
  • Travis Jeffers - "Gamertag: BeastMage46" One of the best RPG gamers at VGHS. He's also not bad of a FPS player. Anyways he is sent out by the Field of Fire JV captian Nova Slane to find a player good enough for the team. While looking for one he finds his new best friend and the best player he's ever seen Jason Pine.
  • Nova Slane - "Gamertag: FPSBabeNo1" JVFPS captian and Jason's celeb. crush. Even tho she seems like a bad A** on the field. She's one of the..No She's still a bad A** off too. Nova is Matt's childhood friend, but she says he's changed since then. Now Nova is set on a mission to bring him back to his normal self, by crushing him in the annual FOF tourny.
  • Matt Calhoun - "Gamertag: MCalhounAlwaysWins"
  • Missy Wakefield - "Gamertag: xxMusicianMissyxx"
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