This is a list of high-school and professional FPS teams.

High School Teams YESEdit

Barkley Cyber DwarvesEdit

The Barkley Cyber Dwarves are a Varsity FPS team from Barkley High School. The VGHS JV team defeated them 2-1 in Season 2, Episode 1.

The Portland NoobslayersEdit

The Portland Noobslayers was a team shown in a pop-up on the News. It is believed to be located in Portland, Oregon.

St. Catherine's PwnishersEdit

The St. Catherine's Pwnishers are a Varsity FPS team from St. Catherine's Girls Academy. They were the third team to be defeated in Field of Fire by the FPS Junior-Varsity team from VGHS , the third in a string of victories, following two other teams, including the Barkley Cyber Dwarves. (Season 2, Episode 3).

Stars Hollow High School FPS TeamEdit

The varsity FPS team at Stars Hollow High School was a team that VGHS played a few times throughout the season.

Video Game High School Varsity and JV FPS TeamsEdit

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Professional TeamsEdit

Denver CommandosEdit


Denver Commandos Logo

The Denver Commandos are a professional FPS sports team in the world of Video Game High School, suggesting that gaming is a pro sport. It is shown that Jenny Matrix's mother (Mary Matrix) coaches the team in Season 1, Episode 4, after she tells Brian D that she comes from an "FPS family."

Team Efficacious OccupationEdit

Team Efficacious Occupation or TEO, is a professional FPS sports team and only team for Delta National Academy. This team has made the pros many times making it a very famous and feared team. The pre-owner and team captain is The Game.

Toronto PwnishersEdit

The Toronto Pwnishers are a professional FPS team from Toronto, Canada.

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