Junior-Varsity FPS team.

The FPS Junior Varsity Team, led by Jenny Matrix, is Video Game High School's team generally overshadowed by the FPS Varsity team. The JV team was permitted to compete in inter-school competitions, after the Varsity team was banned in the wake of The Law's cheating scandal.

Playing Field of Fire, the JV team managed to score a string of victories over several other (presumably more experienced) teams from other schools, including the Barkley Cyber Dwarves the St. Catherine's Pwnishers, and the team from Hardcore Gamer Academy.

After VGHS is taken over by Shane and Ashley Barnstormer, the FPS Junior Varsity Team now consist of 32 members with the other members being students from different gaming clubs around the school and Calhoun, the Dean of the school. They banded together to save their school from being demolished by participating in a 64 FPS player game known as the 'New Napalm-64 Bowl' against the Barnstormer Brothers and 30 students from Napalm Energy Drink High School.


*added for the Napalm Bowl


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