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"Karters, let's boost!"
— The Duchess in Episode 2 to two of her teammates

The Duchess of Kart is a student at Video Game High School and the captain of the Banana Kart Team.


Season 2

The Duchess is first seen in Episode 2. She gets Freddie Wong away from Ted, who is attempting to sneakily steal sodas from the teacher's lounge for Drift Racing, but hides when Freddie comes along and doesn't want to be caught. She kisses Ted, who is surprised and awful afterward (as he feels he has cheated on Ki). During this kiss, however, she manages to steal Drift King's key without Ted noticing. Later on, when Ted and Drift Racing are celebrating, she comes by their class, revealing that she has the key. Ted is shamed by his fellow peers because the Duchess got DK's key.

She is seen later when Ted and Brian D show up to the Banana Kart classroom. Ted, with the help of Brian D, challenges the Duchess and her second-in-command to a game of Banana Kart. If Ted won, he would get the key back. If the Duchess won, Ted would join her team. Ted risks it and accepts her deal.

The Duchess and her teammate lose the battle with Ted and Brian D.

The Duchess of Kart makes another small appearance in Episode 5, where she and her partner, also seen in Episode 2, are competing against Jenny Matrix in an achievement hunt. She is seen competing against Jenny in a DXM dance competition and a game where they must get apples from buckets of water using their mouths.


Ted Wong

The Duchess seems to have feelings for Ted, or at least finds him cute and/or attractive. This is evidenced by calling him 'Hot Lips' and 'Teddy Bear.'

Drift King

The Duchess's relation towards Drift King is rather antagonistic, as both of them seem to hate each other and have rivalry.

Jenny Matrix

They are rivals, as of Season 5, Episode 2, and are extremely competitive. Other than that, they do not associate with each other, most likely due to the different genres of games they play.

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