Brian Doheny, often referred to by his gamertag BrianD, is the protagonist of Video Game High School and currently a member of the FPS Junior Varsity team. Brian's journey begins after he beats The Law, a world-famous amateur gamer on live television, and subsequently recieves international attention and an invitation into the prestigousVGHS.

He becomes close friends with Ted Wong and Ki Swan and develops romantic feelings for Jenny Matrix, Junior Varsity FPS captain and girlfriend of The Law, who makes it a priority to humiliate and torment Brian at every turn so as to destroy him and his reputation.




Season 1Edit

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BrianD is introduced as an ordinary and somewhat puny high school student and avid gamer in the near future that is theVGHS universe. During a clan match, Brian's game was reset when world famous amateur gaming celebrity The Lawintervened to showcase his skills whilst on live television. Brian, who was away from his keyboard, quickly became the last man standing as The Law single-handedly massacred both teams. Intending to humiliate Brian, The Law placed a grenade on Brian's head, planning to detonate it with a bullet from a distance without looking, however Brian returned in time to slip the grenade off his head, swerve out of The Law's line of fire, and, in process of doing so, knocked the grenade in mid-air with the butt of his assault rifle, and detonated it on The Law, killing him instantly. The event quickly garnered international attention and rocketted  Brian into the spotlight. Not long after, Brian received an invitation to the world's most prestigious and hardcore gaming academy, Video Game High School.

Upon enrolling at VGHS, Brian became quick friends with Kimberly "Ki" Swan and Theodore "Ted" Wong. After unintentionally expelling another student by defeating him in a match, Brian contemplated leaving VGHS. Brian was eventually approached by The Law, the school's top student and Varsity FPS captain, who although initially appeared to bear no ill-will, revealed his true intentions to destroy Brian's newfound reputation and broke his keyboard. Brian quickly discovered that his actions and growing reputation began to render him a target for every player at the school, earning him the dislike of the school's dean, Ernie Calhoun. Brian also took an immediate liking to JV FPS captain Jenny Matrix, one of the school's elite gamers and girlfriend of The Law.

Brian eventually makes it onto the JV FPS team, only to discover he was deliberately accepted so that during a scrimmage between the JV and Varsity FPS teams, he would be forced to face The Law, who had been biding his time and intended to expose Brian to the entire world as a "no talent fluke". When Brian was dealt humiliating defeat and left at brink of expulsion at the hands of The Law, his reputation was jeopardized, and he was issued an ultimatum by Calhoun: either voluntarily leave VGHS or be expelled.

After a physical confrontation with The Law, Brian unintentionally incited a school-wide brawl and was expelled.Upon leaving VGHS, Brian took a job at an arcade and quickly became it's manager, renaming it Brian's. There, he was reunited with Ted and Ki, and was told that he is still able to compete in the FPS clan tryouts because of a technicality. Though initially reluctant to return, he was persuaded otherwise when Jenny appeared and scolded him for so easily giving up on his dreams. TROLLED

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