Drift fever 1

Ted experiencing Drift Fever in the middle of his father's class

"The visions, what are they?"
— Ted to Drift King in Episode 6

Drift Fever is a "sickness" shown in Video Game High School. It is a condition that emanates from deep exhilerating experiences during drift racing, afflicting those with (presumably) deep-seated and repressed desires to "drift". The only known side-effects of the "sickness" are spontaneous inducements into trances and hallucinations (or "visions" as Ted refers to them in Episode 6).

Ted WongEdit

"You've got the blood Ted! You can't cast this off now! Cast off that silly little plastic guitar and grip the steering wheel of destiny!"
— Drift King to Ted in Episode 6

The only known character to catch Drift Fever is Ted Wong, which occurs immediately after racing against Drift King in Episode 4. Even though he lost, Ted became lost in a trance for several moments. It appears that winning or losing in a race has no effect of the victims susceptibility or resistance to Drift Fever. The "sickness" is formally identified in Episode 6 by DK, who Ted seeks answers from about his symptoms and "visions", and it is implied by his level of detail and familiarity with the illness that he too at one point suffered from the same condition. It is unknown when Ted's symptoms subsided, though with his acceptence of Drift racing in the Season 1 finale, it can be assumed he is free from his affliction.