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DXM disc case cover

DXM arcade logo

Jenny's Dance Ex Machina machine as seen in Episode 4.

Dance Ex Machina, more commonly known as DXM, is a fictional aerobic dance game created by the creators of Video Game High School. It can be played by either one or two players (max) and is highly reminiscient of the popular game series Dance Dance Revolution.


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Behind the Scenes

It is shown in a Behind The Scenes clip from Episode 4 that the machine used for filming was a rented Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, which the creators said costed a few grand to rent.


  • The game's name is a reference to the term, 'deus ex machina,' which is an unexpected power or event that saves a hopeless situation, used mainly in ancient Greek plays.
    • The term's definition could foreshadow or reference to Brian D managing to convince Calhoun to let him participate in the varsity tryouts in Episode 9, despite being expelled.
  • In Episode 4, right before the title screen it shows the FBI logo and it says "Winners Don't Use Drugs" below. This is a reference to the NES run'n'gun game Narc, in which Brian D robo-trips out of his mind.
  • The logos for Dance Ex Machina are designed by Rob Tokarz