As the series' protagonist, Brian is shown to have many interactions and relationships with other characters in the VGHS universe .


Jenny MatrixEdit

"It's ok, I'm happy with what I got."
— Jenny refering to Brian after he apologized to her in the Season 1 finale.
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Brian and Jenny kissing in the Season 1 finale.

Jenny Matrix is Brian's primary love interest; having taken an immediate liking to her even before meeting her in Episode 2. For most of Season 1 Jenny, in a relationship with The Law, remains unavailable and disinterested in Brian, and only functions as his superior and elder. Despite this, Jenny gradually develops feelings for Brian, showing concern for his well-being such as in Episode 6 when his locker was vandalized and he is relentlessly humiliated and frustrated. Later that episode, when Brian is facing Games Dean and his cronies, Jenny is the one to come to Brian's rescue, effectively persuading him to continue fighting when he becomes resigned to his fate. The two also share a love of both Field of Fire and Dance Ex Machina , the latter being something Jenny repressed and kept secret from everyone else, though entrusted Brian with her secret. The two have also been show to have good chemistry, with Brian's light-hearted and good humored nature softening Jenny's strict and hardened personality.

After defeating Law and the FPS Varsity team in the Season 1 finale , Brian and Jenny finally kiss in the locker room. As Jenny gives Brian a permanent spot on the JV FPS team, they agree to keep a platonic relationship, as to avoid complications. However, after Brian comforts Jenny when she reveals that she doesn't have any special memories with her mother, the two fall asleep together. They slowly shift closer, and at the end of Season 2, Episode 3, they finally start dating. Jenny, who still seems upset after giving her mother her award, heads to Brian's room where he asks if Jenny was sure if they wanted to date, in which she agrees by nodding her head and they kiss. 

Ted WongEdit

"Morning, roomie!"
— Ted waking up Brian D in Episode 3.
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Ted Wong is the best friend (aka BFF) of Brian, appointing himself as such when Brian stands up for him against two bullies in Episode 2. After Brian defeats Annihilist , Ted becomes Brian's roommate, and remains so throughout the rest of the series. Both Brian and Ted greatly care for the other's well-being, with Brian showing concern over Ted's drift fever-induced hallucinations and his well-being after he breaks up with Ki , and Ted attempting to console Brian after his humiliating JV/Varsity skirmish performance . Ted and Brian have been shown to be unfailingly loyal to one another and show concern for each other's well being. This is best demonstrated in Episode 7 , when Ted rushes to Brian's aid after hearing he is being confronted by The Law, and intervenes and drags him away when Brian begins ferally assaulting the latter.

Ted's loyalty to Brian can appear to border on the obsessive at times, case and point: during the Season 1 finale, Ted reveals that he retrieved Brian's broken keyboard so Ki could fix it, which had been lost in a dumpster after The Law snapped it in half. Ted also announces a party in Brian's honor (which never happens) called "Brian-palooza", which explicitly went against Brian's wishes to keep a low profile. None of this however seems to disturb Brian, as he still proclaims Ted (and Ki) to be the best friends one could have, which Ted seemed quite surprised by.

Ki SwanEdit

"You probably shouldn't want to list one of your faults as a reason."
— Ki talking about JV to Brian in Episode 2.
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Kimberly Swan, "Ki" for short, (along with Ted Wong) is Brian's closest friend and ally. The two were enrolled at VGHS at the exact same time, meeting in Calhoun's office at the beginning of Episode 2. Though throughout the series there are not many series between Brian and Ki alone, and their relationship is purely platonic, they are shown to be very supportive and protective of each other. In season 1 she becomes incensed when her fighting games teacher mock's Brian's performance and takes revenge on Brian's behalf by soundly defeating her teacher at a fighting game in front of the whole class. In the second season, she attempts to cover for Brian when she discovers that he is hiding his cat Cheeto in his room, even if it means breaking her own rules. She finally manages to get Brian's cat appointed as the school mascot, so that Brian can continue to keep him on campus openly and without breaking any rules.

The LawEdit

"Brian, dude, it's because I can, because, well... it's fun. And because you made it personal! The spotlight wasn't good enough for you, so you had to move in on my girl!"
— The Law to Brian D in Episode 7.
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A great deal of tension between The Law and Brian stems from the stark difference in their personalities. While Brian is soft-spoken, playful, kind, and selfless, The Law is extremely aggressive, arrogant, confrontational, and domineering. Though initially The Law seemed to be a nice guy to Brian, The Law quickly dropped his facade and revealed his darker nature, snapping Brian's keyboard in half and attempting to terrify and humiliate him at every chance. However, after The Law was sent to court over suspected hacking, his relationship with Brian mellowed out somewhat.

In Season One, Brian lived in fear of The Law's barrage of bullying and torment. The Law orchestrated a plan to get Brian kicked out of VGHS using his then-girlfriend, Jenny Matrix, whom Brian harbored feelings for, a fact Law always seemed to be aware of. Jenny, secretly operating under the orders of Law and driven by the promise of position on the Varsity FPS team, offered Brian a spot on the Junior-Varsity FPS team, only for him to discover he was only offered position so he could be humiliated and defeated by Law in the annual JV/Varsity skirmish. Despite this, Jenny and Brian became closer, which further upset The Law. After The Law refused to let Brian sign up for FPS tryouts, he revealed he did not plan to put Jenny on Varsity. Brian finally became fed up with The Law's antagonistic behavior and tackled him to the ground in the courtyard, starting a mass brawl. It was the first time Brian openly stood up to The Law, and he succeeded in signing up for FPS tryouts, at the cost of his expulsion. Jenny broke up with The Law after this, and convinced Brian to return to the school to participate in tryouts. Upon seeing Brian do well at tryouts, The Law stepped in and attempted to stop him from re-entering the school. The Law began to put down Brian during the match, and when it looked like Brian had no chance of defeating him, Jenny threw Brian a pistol, allowing him to shoot The Law's teammates and then blow The Law up with a grenade, mirroring their first meeting in-game.  

In Season Two, The Law had fallen from fame after being accused of hacking. He ended up rooming with Brian and Ted, which horrified them. Though Brian and Ted attempted to mend the broken relationship between them somewhat, The Law tuned them out. He attempted to separate Brian and Ted through technical ruling from the handbook, but Ki convinced him that he could make them more miserable than ever by covering their room in all sorts of messy products. During the play-off match, The Law's name had been cleared, allowing him to join Brian in the fight. He and Brian talked strategically without conflict, and the two of them, with Jenny, managed to pull together a close victory. It seemed like The Law had finally made it back to the top of VGHS, until he suddenly got an offer to attend Napalm Energy Drink High. He revealed that he cared nothing for VGHS and its sentimental value to him, and left it behind without an issue.

Ernie CalhounEdit

"I swear, every year it's the same damn cutscene. Some media darling with a five-second kill reel breezes into school on a golden ticket."
— Calhoun to Brian D in Episode 2.
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The relationship between Brian and Calhoun is very complicated. Calhoun initially harbored intense dislike toward Brian, believing that he had not earned entrance into VGHS and coasted into the school on a free ride. Throughout Season 1, Brian is repeatedly singled out by Calhoun, and in Episode 6, after Brian was dealt a humiliating defeat at the hands of The Law, Calhoun issues him an ultimatum on behalf of administration, which would result either way in Brian leaving VGHS. After Brian incited a school-wide brawl after fighting Law, Calhoun expelled Brian without a second thought; showing no remorse in the process.

In Episode 9, when Brian returns to VGHS to compete in the clan tryouts, Calhoun denies him the opportunity. Though after Brian appeals to Calhoun (quoting him in the process), and tells him that he only wants one more chance to play with the "best of the best", Calhoun, admiring his resolve, allows Brian to compete. During the Season 1 finale match, Calhoun tells Ace that he still hates Brian after the latter remarks on his gaming prowess. Despite this however, Calhoun is one of the first to congratulate Brian and welcome him back to VGHS upon his victory.

In Season Two, Calhoun requires Brian to become a janitor to pay for his tuition to allow him to stay at the school. Brian becomes Calhoun's go-to student whenever any work needs to be done, though several labor laws are broken during the process. After Brian explodes on Leetmas, Calhoun comforts him, telling him he's a good kid. As soon as others are around, Calhoun tells Brian to "go to hell," suggesting that his dislike of Brian is only an act.

Games DeanEdit

"It's my time in the spotlight Brian, and you're standing in my way."
— Games Dean in Episode 6.
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Like the relationship between Brian and Calhoun, the relationship between Games Dean and Brian was initially very tumultuous; mostly stemming from the fact that Brian's stardom conflicted with Games' desire to achieve recognition of his own. As a result, throughout much of season 1, Games Dean was a sub-antagonist to Brian, though Brian stayed out of his way. Its only after Brian's embarressing skirmish performance, with his reputation in tatters and his running emotions wild after recieving Calhoun's ultimatum, that Brian chooses to confront Games Dean after the latter and his cronies kick him while he's down. This results in a match in which Brian, with the unexpected assistance of Jenny, defeats Games and his allies. 

In Episode 9, the relationship between the two has inexplicably gotten better, with Games, who is also fighting on Jenny's JV FPS team, showing a newfound respect for Brian, resulting in the two burying the hatchet. After the match, Games Dean can be seen among the crowd congratulating and celebrating Brian.


"Nobody insults my manners."
— Annihilist to Brian D in Episode 2.
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Brian first met Annihilist when the latter and Jumpin' Jax were bullying Ted Wong. Brian defeats Annihilist in a match after Ted arranges for the two to duel instead of a physical confrontation. The loss results in Annihilist's points dropping below the expulsion threshold, resulting in his immediate expulsion.

Annihilist re-appeared in Episode 8, working for Brian in a local arcade. The two appear to have buried any hatchets, with Annihilist even respectfully refering to Brian as "Mr. D".


  • Brian's friendship with Ted and Ki is reminiscent of the Harry Potter Trio:
    • Harry Potter, the Protagonist-Brian D
    • Ron Weasley, the Protagonist's best friend-Ted Wong
    • Hermione Granger, the Protagonist's girl best friend and lover of the best friend-Ki Swan