These are the known songs of the game Axe Legends; these songs can be seen in Episode 4 when Ted is playing it for Ki Swan. It is unknown if these are real songs, but there are some obvious puns on names and song names.

Known SongsEdit

There are most likely more songs after (as well as before), but are not shown.

  • France - Paris, 1963
  • Hellanor Brozevelt - Noobslayer
  • Hellanor Brozevelt - Hipster Holocaust
  • Igloo - Eskimo City
  • InsanityX - Raw Blood
  • Ipecoc - Vomitorioum
  • The Law - The Long Arm [of The Law]
  • LOUK - ROFLRock Anthem
  • Master K. - Prince of Noize
  • NOX - Spank
  • Np - Chillin' Eastside
  • Orange - Flight of Bee
  • OPP - Down With It
  • The Protomen - The Will of One (chosen by Ted on Megaultraextreme)
  • PXM - Smack Daddy
  • Quasar - Lunar Explipse
  • Q-Tip - Tired of Fighting
  • Razortip - Gore
  • Righteous Sam - Smooth Operator
  • Serious Ray - Blue on Gray
  • Tommygun - Show me (Watcha Got)


  • The Protomen are seen with a song on DXM, which is chosen for the game between Brian D and The Law in the same episode.
  • It seems that The Law's song "The Long Arm [of The Law]" has been included in the game. Although it doesn't state this in aXe or DXM, the song features Jumpin' Jax, which can be seen in the JV/Varsity scrimmage in Episode 5.