VGHSLogo Ashley Barnstormer
Real Name Ashley Barnstormer III
Gender Male
School Napalm Energy
Drink High School
Grade Junior/Senior
Occupation Student at Napalm Energy
Drink High School

Napalm Energy Drinks CEO

Portrayed by Bryan Forrest
"Even hotter than mom's."
— Ashely on the new N64 in Season 3, Episode 6

Ashley Barnstormer III is the CEO of Napalm Energy Drink Corporation, the captain of the NEDHS FPS team, and the brother of Shane Barnstormer. Ashley and his brother serve as the main antagonists of Season 3.

Overview Edit

History Edit

Five years before the events of Season 3, a retainer-wearing Ashley and his twin brother, Shane Barnstormer, attempted to enroll at VGHS. Dean Calhoun rejected them because of their young age (12). Ashley seemed in disbelief and asked if Calhoun had seen them at the Twin Cyber Olympics. Later, Ashley expected Shane's idea of bribing Calhoun to work but Calhoun shocked him when he tore their check of $900,000 into shreds. He scowled and looked at Mrs. Barnstormer standing behind them and said, "You're right, mom. They are bad with money!" Ashley sneered at Calhoun when he told the twins that his initial reasoning behind rejecting their application was their age. Ashely took Calhoun's rejection as a challenge and said, "Fine. You want to play hardball? Mom, buy this school for us!" Mrs. Barnstormer said no, she had just bought them their own energy drink company to run. The two whined in disappointment. Mrs. Barnstormer promised that if the two managed to get their company's stock up to $400 a share she might buy the school for them. Ashely sneered at Calhoun and said with a heavy slur, "You hear that, Calhoun? Hostile takeover." Following a threat from Shane, Ashley said, "You'll rue the day you ever said 'no' to Ashely -" "And Shane -" "Barnstormer!"

Napalm Energy Drink soon became a successful company with its stock peaking at $374 a share. However, rival energy drink Jock Juice became more profitable with its marketing campaign featuring The Law. This caused Napalm's stock to drop. To go after Jock Juice, Shane chose to go after The Law. Shane faked a drowning at sea, dyed his platinum blond hair brown and applied at VGHS online under the pseudonym "Pizza".

Shane's supposed death left Ashley as the sole CEO of Napalm Energy Drinks. Not long after Shane's departure, Shane enacted his plan and framed The Law. Jock Juice went bankrupt after the following scandal, which pleased Ashley.

Season 2 Edit

In Episode 6, Ashely appears with the NEDHS FPS team at the end of the VGHS FPS match against Stars Hollow High. He offers The Law a contract with NEDHS and leaves with him after The Law accepts.

Season 3 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Ashley is seen in-game after the NEDHS FPS team has won another match. He calls out to Law "Oo-la-la!" after watching him kill six opposing players. He and Law laugh at the lack of competition and continue playing.

Ashley is shown in a board meeting at Napalm Energy Drink Corporation. After showing his board members Napalm's growth by creating a high school FPS team out of the company, the board demands to know what it is that Ashley wants. "I want Video Game High School." He grins menacingly as a hologram of VGHS rises out of the table.

Ashley later appears backstage of the talk show OMGWTFPS!? preparing for his interview alongside Jenny Matrix. He mingles with the stagehands but pushes them aside when he sees Jacque laTeur and begins a conversation. Before going onstage, without looking at her, Ashely comments to Jenny that Coach laTeur is a cool dude, and that the interview was going to be fun. A moment later he purposefully dumps his drink down Jenny's blouse, just as they have to walk onstage. As he walks out he seems to prepare his charming attitude by acting out his expressions and gestures.

In the interview Ashley is asked by Talkbot if he thinks VGHS is competition for Napalm. Ashley answers that while he thinks VGHS has pulled off something special, he feels good about his team's chances. He jokingly implies that he has kissed Jenny by saying "I can answer that one!" when Jenny was prompted the question of which she was asked who was the better kisser between her two boyfriends. Jenny doesn't answer, but Ashley tells the audience he's just kidding. Talkbot laughs and says "what a charmer!" Ashley tells a long and heartfelt story in response to the question how he would maintain a relationship with his significant other if they were turned in a strawberry milkshake, provoking an emotional response from Talkbot and the audience as he tears up. Jenny rolls her eyes while he does. He looks at Jenny in disbelief when she says no to the same question and delivers a mild burn, gaining him 20 more guest points (giving him 291 over Jenny's 0). Ashely looks confused and appalled while Jenny answers a question she misunderstood about favorite races. Ashley later beats Jenny at a basketball video game and is smug about his overall wins against Jenny. He encourages the crowd to push Jenny into playing Paropera the Opera for them, thinking that she will fail again, but is shocked when Jenny wows the crowd with her singing. He's seen slinking behind Jenny when they go backstage.

Later, Ashley is revealed to be Shane Pizza's brother when he shows up at Shane's room with a six-pack of Napalm Energy Drink after being called on the Brother Hotline.

Episode 2Edit

Ashley is first seen when he smoothly intercepts Law who was on his way to attack Shane. Ashely explains to Law that Shane is a member of the Napalm family. When Law continues to glare at Shane, Ashely takes this as incentive to gather the Napalm employees for a quick session on workplace hostility. He and Shane clap their hands in Law's face as they smile eerily.

Ashley oversees the employees participating in a trust-fall test with a smile while saying how great this is. He encourages Law to fall into Shane's arms in front of the other employees. Ashley smiles understandingly while Shane apologizes to Law for framing him and killing Shotbot. When Law initially refuses Ashley tells him that he'll understand if Law wants to leave Napalm, even if Napalm made Law more successful than he has ever been - he says this in an understanding tone of voice but is only saying this to manipulate Law. After Law falls into Shane's arms he tells Law that he needs to come into work on Saturday, even though Na-Prom is on Saturday.

Episode 3Edit

Ashley is seen working at his desk at Napalm Energy Corporation while talking to Shane. Ashely tells Shane that he agrees with his brother's proposal and asks why they're even talking about it. Ashley sighs when Shane reminds him that he has yet to sign their mother's birthday card. Law shows up after being told he's being given a bigger office and Ashely jokes that in it's own special way, the sidewalk is the biggest desk of all, firing Lawrence Pemberton and promptly introducing New Law. Ashely laughs at New Law's jokes and explains to Lawrence why they hired him. When Lawrence protests, Ashely and Shane remind him that he signed over his IP - and his butt, which he can have back - when they hired him, making Napalm able to legally give Lawrence's game tag to New Law. Ashley reaches out hesitantly when Lawrence grabs Mrs. Barnstormer's birthday card and scribbles "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE," which Ashely frowns at. He smiles approvingly when New Law breaks Lawrence's WASDs and salutes and laughs with Shane when New Law leaves.

Ashley is later seen standing with his FPS team before the match against VGHS. Ashley tells the game judge that he has chosen himself as the hostage for the game. Ashley's in-game persona is behind bars being guarded by Jenny. He takes this time to tell Jenny that her team kind of sucks, especially BrianD. He attempts to play on her apparent stress over possibly becoming a member of the Paris Panthers. When Jenny calls out his strategy of choosing to be hostage just to play mind-games he tells her that he's actually just lazy, and he's confident that New Law can handle everything. Real-life Ashley looks smug when New Law kills Jumpin'Jax before he can reach the extraction point.

Ashley listens in to BrianD and Jenny's conversation about "dinner" and looks over in disbelief when BrianD says he thought that when Jenny said dinner she really meant sex. Ashley finds the entire situation hilarious and can't believe that Jenny hasn't told BrianD that she's probably moving to Paris next year, so he tells BrianD for her despite her protests. Ashely watches the two argue with a smug smile. Ashley falsely changes his expression and tone to sympathetic and tells BrianD that in his experience long-distance relationships rarely work out, spurring Jenny to get closer to the hostage cage. Ashley grabs a pistol from Jenny's holster when her back is turned and he kills her and BrianD. Moments later he is released by his team and says "I knew I put myself in here for a reason."

He's seen calmly walking towards the extraction point while his team fights the VGHS team. As he steps out from behind cover he shoots a VGHS team member in the head without stopping. Ashley can be seen through the sights of Jenny's sniper rifle, then in a flash-back to the interview in Episode 1. Ashley salutes Jenny from the helicopter as it takes off, winning the game for Napalm.

Ashley stands and blows kisses at the cheering audience. After the game, Ashley enters the hallway with his team after the VGHS team goes in. He catches the last half of BrianD and Jenny's breakup and walks up behind Jenny. He rests an arm on her shoulder and says, "Lover's quarrel? It's tough." He reels back after Jenny gets him with a mean right hook to the face. Ashely holds his hands over his face and cowers while Jenny slams him into the wall twice. The Napalm team members hurry out of the hallway, with Ashely shying away from Jenny with hunched shoulders.

Episode 5Edit

Ashley's motivation behind wanting VGHS is revealed to having been caused by Dean Calhoun rejecting Shane and Ashley's enrollment application five years ago, when they were twelve. Ashely and Shane's mother, Mrs. Barnstormer, promised them that she might buy the school for them when they got Napalm's stock up to $400 a share. Ashely swore to Calhoun (with a retainer-caused slur) that he would rue the day that he ever said no to them.

Ashley is seen in a flash-back walking through the Napalm office during an ordinary work-day. He is given a tablet with the news that The Law has been framed and Jock Juice, a rival energy drink company promoted by The Law, has been bankrupted by the scandal. He smiles and raises an eyebrow in approval.

At the end of the episode, Ashley appears in Calhoun's office to announce that Napalm "broke 400!" He sits down next to Shane and smiles as Calhoun realizes that Shane Pizza is actually Shane Barnstormer. Ashley laughs when Shane takes a picture of Calhoun's expression with his phone and grimaces mockingly when Shane tells Calhoun he should have accepted his check of $900,000 five years ago.

Ashley is on the roof with Shane after the VGHS school crest falls off of the building. Together they unfurl a giant banner announcing VGHS is the future site of a Napalm Mega-Mall. They hi-five and laugh maniacally.

Episode 6Edit

Ashley is first seen outside of VGHS looking over blueprints for the Mega-Mall with Shane. Ashely is seen later still outside with Shane, joined by New Law, playing with a football. Ashley points out recently-fired Calhoun exiting the building to Shane. With his encouragement, Shane throws the football at Calhoun, knocking his box of belongings out of his hands. Ashley, Shane, and New Law laugh and celebrate with a jump hi-five. They then get in Calhoun's face as he walks past them.

Ashley is in Calhoun's old office working on the concept art and slogan for Napalm's new 64oz. can (the "N64"). Shane and Ki walk into the office and Ashley greets Shane by calling him "Shane-Train." He pitches a slogan to Shane and groans when Shane shoots it down, stating that the new N64 is awesome, but he can't figure out the marketing. He looks offended when Ki says it's "just" a bigger can. Ashley states that the N64 will be even hotter than moms. When the VGHS FPS team walks into the office to complain about the Grand Theft Auditorium being closed he tells them that Napalm needs it for the N64 press conference. He looks grimly determined when Shane talks about impressing their mother at the press conference. He turns away the FPS team and laughs with Shane at the fact that the school is theirs. Initially Ashley groans when Ki states she has yet another new idea, but becomes very interested when Ki proposes a Napalm Bowl - more so while Ki is preparing to show him and Shane her concept art for the N64, even leaning close to get a better look. Ashely is still uncertain if the concept is big enough for Napalm. Shane suggests 64 players for the N64 Napalm Bowl, and Ashley finally agrees. Ashley and Shane mock Jenny's expression and mannerism after she tells them that VGHS can find a team of 32 players with no issue.

The next day Ashley and Shane are enjoying a gourmet lunch in the cafeteria while the students of VGHS watch enviously while they eat Napalm goop. Unable to find more players, the VGHS FPS team approaches Ashely and Shane and tell them that they forfeit. Ashley corrects them by saying that they will be playing whether they have 32 team members or not; Napalm has already spent so much money on the event and the N64s are already printing. Ashley laughs with Shane at the idea of Napalm facing VGHS when VGHS only has 7 players to their 32. Ashely is surprised and confused when Calhoun appears to join the FPS team, who states that he never graduated. Ashely and Shane mockingly congratulate the VGHS FPS team for managing to recruit "an old man and 23 random students." Ashley recoils with Shane when Ted runs up from behind them to announce that he'll be siding with the VGHS FPS team. At the Napalm Bowl, Ashley approaches Jenny so they can speak as team captains. He mockingly asks her if she's ready for round 2. During the match Ashely sits next to Shane.

Ashley offers a prize of $100,000 to the team member who kills the most VGHS team members. Ashley rolls in to offer support to two team mates and shoots two VGHS team members standing in the bed of a pickup truck. Duchess shoots at Ashely and he ducks behind a stack of crates. When she runs out of ammunition, Ashely flips over the truck and shoots her when he lands.

Ashley approaches Shane after he kills off a group of VGHS team members with a specialized gun he got as a kill streak perk. The two hi-five and Ashley compliments Shane's new weapon. The two proceed to pin down Jenny and BrianD with firepower after Ashley kicks back a grenade when Brian throws it at their feet, sending VGHS running to duck in a ditch. Ashley and Shane are joined by other Napalm members and advance on VGHS until they have to run from DK and Clutch who come in on a truck with a mounted machine gun.

From a distance, Ashley kills DK and Clutch but does not notice Calhoun, who has been gripping the side of the truck. Ashley is taking cover behind a crate while he reloads his gun when he notices Calhoun's shadow over him. He's nearly killed by Calhoun, but Shane stabs Calhoun through the chest with a machete. Ashley laughs while Jumpin' Jax comes out of hiding to mourn Calhoun and shoots him in the chest. Ashley resumes firing after ordering others to locate the bomb. Ashley is told by the player sitting next to him that the bomb was seen at the mine cart. Ashley leaves Shane, telling him that he's leaving "to end this thing." In front of his face is the kill-streak perk menu.

From inside of the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fighter aircraft that Ashley got as a kill-streak perk, he salutes O'Doyle, who is carrying the bomb, and takes her out. Later, Ashley circles the tower in his fighter jet, watching for members of the VGHS team. When BrianD is preparing to activate the bomb, Ashely appears in his fighter jet again. He salutes BrianD and starts firing on him. Just as Ashley is about to kill BrianD, Jenny shoots him in the head from the tower him with her sniper rifle, killing him instantly and securing VGHS's win. His craft and dead avatar crashes into the ground next to BrianD, as he remarks, "We win" and activates the bomb.

Ashley stands with Shane, dismayed that they lost. Ashley refuses Jenny's offered handshake and smirks at her while Shane reminds her that while VGHS may have won, Napalm still owns the school. Ashley's expression drops when Mrs. Barnstormer walks up behind the twins calling their names in an angry tone.

Ashley is nervous while Mrs. Barnstormer scolds the twins for spending all of their money on manufacturing the N64, which has now been rendered worthless since the marketing campaign depended upon Napalm defeating VGHS. Ashley looks scared while Mrs. Barnstormer tells them that she is disappointed in them, and doesn't think that they are mature enough to run a MegaMall. Ashley says he hopes she isn't serious, but Mrs. Barnstormer produces the Mega-Mall contract and tears it in half in front of them. Ashley promptly begins to cry with Shane, stomping his foot and moaning, upset that VGHS is no longer theirs. He calls after his mother in tears after she tells them to get in the jet. Ashley looks back at the watching VGHS FPS team, wipes his tears, crosses his arms, leans against Shane and tells them that they'll leave, but they haven't seen the last of them. He begins to cry again when Mrs. Barnstormer appears a moment later to tell them that they have, and grabs their ears and drags them out of the auditorium, Ashley's crying echoing until the door shuts behind them.

Personality Edit

Ashley is charming and manipulative and considers himself to be above everyone except for his twin Shane Barnstormer, his equal, and his mother Mrs. Barnstormer, his superior. Where Shane always speaks in a sarcastic no-nonsense tone, Ashely injects extra flair into his tone and acts very animated when he speaks. He's rarely genuine and enjoys getting people to do what he wants without directly telling them to.

It is shown that Ashley is so close to his twin brother that their body language is occasionally in tandem with one another, and they even fill in each others sentences.

Memorable QuotesEdit

- "Pfft! Blow it out your ass, Matrix."

Season 3, Episode 6

- "No, mom can't be serious!"

Season 3, Episode 6

Relationships Edit

Shane Barnstormer Edit

Ashley and Shane Barnstormer

Ashley and Shane Barnstormer

Ashley is very close to Shane. He is one of two people in the world that Ashely's charismatic attitude does not work on (this is most likely because their personalities developed together). It is likely that Ashley does not expect it to. This is seen when Ashley speaks in a downgraded version of his showman's voice in Episode 3 and Episode 6 only for Shane to respond in a no-nonsense tone (a notably kinder version of his abrasive personality).

Ashely depends upon Shane as a business partner and for emotional support (as seen in the end of Episode 6). The two seem to have nurtured an "us vs the world" outlook during their adolescent and teen years. Part of this may come from the fact that Shane was bullied as a young child and Ashely became Shane's defender, though this is only speculation that comes from Season 3, Episode 2 in which Ashely is seen physically stopping The Law from attacking Shane. This outlook may also be the result of them being taught that anyone else who is not on their side, or a part of their family, is either a potential business threat or is so unimportant to the overall business world that that person may as well not exist.

Mrs. Barnstormer Edit

Ashley has a deep respect for his mother as his boss and as his mother. Mrs. Barnstormer taught him and Shane how to successfully run a business and to be fiscally responsible. However, Ashley believes with Shane that when their mother will not give them what they want after appealing to their mother's business sensibilities, they must appeal to their mother's sympathies by either crying or throwing a temper tantrum.

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Trivia Edit

  • Ashley was the only other FPS player Coach Jacque leTeur was considering recruiting to the Paris Panthers.
  • Ashley's preferred weapon in Field of Fire is a Colt Python .357 Magnum Pistol.
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