VGHSLogo Alliterator
Gamertag Alliterator
Gender Male
Grade Senior
School Rank 7/436
Occupation Student at VGHS
Varsity FPS member
Portrayed by Michael Rousselet

Alliterator is a student at VGHS who is a part of the FPS Varsity team. He is mainly seen hanging out with fellow teammates, Cold Turkey, PiePuppy and The Law.


Season 1Edit

Alliterator is a minor, but recurring character during the series. He is only seen with the rest of the Varsity FPS team whenever they appear in the series.

Because he is on the Varsity FPS team, he takes a disliking to Brian D who tells him nobody likes him when he tries to prevent him from fighting Law.

Season 2Edit

After he balks at learning the playbook written by new Varsity coach Mary Matrix, Alliterator is cut from the team and Brian is elevated to take his place. Ultimately, however, this becomes moot as the the entire Varsity team (save for Brian) is banned from FPS competitions due to an aimbotting scandal involving The Law, leading to the FPS Junior-Varsity competing in their place.

Alliterator is a playable character in Video Game High School The Video Game, a game designed by Ki Swan depicting the previous year.


The Alliterator is most commonly known for his habit of speaking in alliterations. For example, while in the locker room in Episode 5, he says "Big Baby Brian's Bound to Burn, Bro". He confronts Brian himself when he says "Listen to Law's Lesson, Loser" in episode 7 . In response to this, Brian tells him "Everybody hates you Alliterator!", implying that many students of VGHS find this behavior annoying. 


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