VGHSLogo Ace
Real Name Bob Jackson
Gamertag Ace
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher at VGHS
Portrayed by Zachary Levi
"Welcome to FPS 101. My name is Ace, and you can call me Ace."
— Ace during orientation of FPS 101.

Ace is the former teacher of FPS 101 at VGHS. He fled to Zanzibar after The Law was accused of aimbotting, and was replaced by Mary Matrix.


Season 1Edit

Ace is seen in multiple episodes during the course of the season, namely Episode 3 and Episode 9.

Ace's RulesEdit

These are Ace's rules that he uses when gaming or in the classroom. It should be noted that not all are known.


  • Ace's known rules are:
  1. Know Ace's Rules
  2. Know your choke points.
  3. ESDF > WASD
  4. Smoothing and Acceleration KILLS
  5. Spectate. Imitate. Adapt.
  6. Live Longer. Kill Later.
  7. Keep your powder dry.
  8. Don't play inverted.

271. Never quote Ace's rules back to him.

  • Although Ace's Rules clearly stated that Rule No. 01 is to know his rules, on Episode 9 (Season 1) Brian said that Rule No. 01 was to "never give up."
  • From 2007-2012, Zachery Levi starred in the tv series Chuck. During the final season of the show, VGHS creator Freddie Wong made a guest appearance on Chuck as a hack named Freddie.
    • Though it may just be coincidence, in the series Chuck, Chuck's (played by Levi) father would often use the phrase "Aces, Charles," as a way of saying "Good job," to him. It's entirely possible this is why Levi's character was named Ace in VGHS.
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